History of Duck Springs Elementary School

Duck Springs School has existed time out of mind. The first school was probably an outgrowth of the work done by the missionaries sent into the historic Will's Valley area during the 1820's. The Methodist Church,Tennessee Conference, sent a circuit rider to Will's Valley as early as 1825. The establishment of meeting places brought about the erection of a simple edifice. In this crude shelter met the first scholars of the community.

By the beginning of the Civil War (1861) a flourishing school served the Duck Springs area. The institution had produced such public-spirited individuals that almost a complete military company of young men offered themselves in service for their country.

In the 1890's, the Will's Valley Institute offered an academy type course of education. Professor Adams headed the school and he was a most strict pedagogue.

The wooden structure which housed the Duck Springs School burned in 1934.This building had served as an elementary and junior high facility. Atone time, high school work was offered and there are still persons living who completed the requirements for a high school diploma at Duck Springs School.


In 1935-36, the present brick building was constructed with W.P.A. labor.At the time of its completion, such schools as Kyuka, Brans Chapel,Pleasant Hill, Leeth's, Crudup and Smith's were consolidated into the Duck Springs School. Keener School was closed at a later date and its pupils were sent to Duck Springs. At first, junior high grades were taught, but overcrowded conditions caused these grades to eventually be located at Alma Hinson School.

Several improvements have been made to the original structure. Additional classrooms were built in 1955; restrooms were built in the late 1950's; a cafeteria was built in 1976; a classroom and media center addition were constructed in 1986, and our newest addition of two classrooms,bathrooms, and a library media center opened in January of 2001.

The school has had a long and varied history. Few can boast of so many years of dedicated and continuous service. Priceless indeed is the worth of those individual persons who have departed through the doors as improved citizens. The red-brick traditional styled building remained in a remarkably neat and well-kept condition considering its constant use for more than seventy years.

In 2013 ground was broken on new, modern school facilities that stand in the exact location of the historical school building. Construction was completed and the ribbon cutting was held on August 10, 2014.