Weekly Assignments
 paint Reading-Wonders
Your child should practice reading nightly. Retelling what has been read is also assessed.  Trade books, Basal Reading Stories, Fluency Practice Pages, and library books will be sent home to provide reading practice for your child.  Comprehension and Vocabulary tests will be given after each reading story in your child’s Basal Reader. AR test may be taken daily. A comprehension passage will be sent home nightly.
paint  Spelling
Your child will receive spelling words for the week on Friday.  Daily assignments will be made to practice words. Spelling & Reading tests are given on Thursday & Friday. They will do their 5x's each on Monday. Tuesday-Spelling Sentences. Wednesday-ABC-Order. Thursday-review in class for tests on Thursday. HAPPY STUDYING!!!
paintMath-Go Math
  Math homework will be assigned after each lesson.  Please have your child study addition and subtraction nightly. "Go Math" is the name of our Math Series.
paintScience and Social Studies 
  We do 4 1/2 weeks of Social Studies Weekly and 4 1/2 weeks in Science in Second Grade.