Classroom Rules
Dear Families,
I have outlined our classroom rules as well as our behavior policy. At Duck
Springs Elementary, we strive to teach our students to have good character. These
expectations will be held in all school areas (cafeteria, playground, hallways, specials, and
classroom). Please encourage these expectations at home as well. Part of your child's education
is learning to be a kind and helpful citizen. We need to set a good example!
Harris Rules
Together we will learn to make good choices and do the following:
Be Courteous – Use kind words and work well with others.
Be Attentive – Listen and follow directions the first time.
Be Respectful – Of yourself, others, our classroom, and our school.
Be Dependable – Always do your best work.
Be Supportive – Follow our school rules at all times.
Harris Behavior Plan
Each child will have a clip with their assigned number written on it. Each day, your
child’s clip will be on green. If your child’s behavior is disruptive to his/her learning or
the learning of others, I will give him/her a verbal warning (their clip will still remain on
green). Every “reminder” your child needs thereafter, he/she will move his/her clip.
Our classroom behavior key is as follows:
o Green: I am making good choices and having a great day!
o Yellow: I need to be careful and make better learning choices. I received a verbal
warning from Mrs. Harris.
o Orange: My behavior is disrupting my learning and/or the learning of others. I had to
take a 5 minute break to have a private conference with Mrs. Harris about what I can do
to make better choices.
o Red: My behavior continues to disrupt my learning and/or the learning of others. I had
to take another 5 minute break and have a private conference with Mrs. Harris about my
choices. Mrs. Harris will call home and I may even be sent to the principal’s office.
o Praise from Mrs. Harris.
o Tickets.
o Notes or phone calls home to report excellent behavior.
o Stickers, stamps, and other prizes.
o Movies or game times (whole class).
o Every Friday, each child who had 5 “green days” will put their name into our “Lunch
Bunch” jar. At the end of every month, I will pull five names from the jar and
those five students will get to eat lunch with me!

Parent Participation
In your child’s school-to-home folder, you will find a behavior chart (a sample behavior
chart is attached). At the end of each day, your child will color the calendar box
according to their behavior. In this way, you will have a daily report of how your child
performed in school. At the end of each week, please sign the behavior chart and make
comments if necessary. This chart must stay in your child’s folder!
Thank you for your support! ☺
Mrs. Harris