Thank you for sharing your child with me this year. Because open communication is essential here is some general information about our classroom.


I want to have a loving and nurturing classroom that will make the students feel welcome and comfortable. I hope to develop in your child a love for learning and a feeling of self-confidence as well as an ability to function as a member of a group. I set high expectations because I know that the children will rise to meet them. I strive to have each child reach his/her potential in the classroom both academically and socially as he/she grows into a successful young learner.




School begins at 7:50 and your child will be considered tardy after 7:50. If your child is tardy you must sign him/her in at the office. Three tardies will count as one absence. Your child must be dropped off in the front of the school. To encourage strengthening your child’s independence level let him/her walk to the classroom ALONE each morning. (After the first week of school) Your child needs to be at school on time each morning to start morning work. We begin instruction at 7:50. 

Anyone who checks out before 11:30 will be considered absent.Checkouts are discouraged unless it is an emergency. Please make appointments after school if possible. A written excuse must be sent to school within 3 days of an absence and the reason for the absence. Only 3 parent excuses per semester will be considered excused absences. Any other absences must be documented with a written doctor’s excuse.



Car riders are dismissed at 2:30. You are to pick up your child at the front of the school. Whenever there is a change in how your child gets home, send me a written note (signed) or please call the office. I cannot send a child home in a different manner from what you wrote down for me the first day of school. I can’t rely on the child to tell me that he/she is going home a different way. This is a school policy.

Bus riders are dismissed at 3:00. Riding the bus is a privilege not a right. Misconduct on the bus can result in the student losing that privilege. When a child loses his/her bus privileges, the parent(s) assume the responsibility for transportation to and from school.


Each day your child will bring home his/her binder. Please take a few minutes each evening to look through the notebook with your child. Inside you will find important notes, your child’s class work, homework, and conduct report. The binder is an important tool for teaching your child responsibility as well as keeping you informed. Your child is responsible for bringing his/her binder to school every day.

Communication Communication Commuunication

The OWL Binder will provide you with essential information on a daily basis. If you need to contact me please send a note in your child’s BEE book or email me rather than coming into the classroom before school starts. We are very busy in the morning and I am trying to greet everyone as they enter the classroom and get them started on their morning routine. If it is an emergency please call the office and they will let me know. I will return your call as soon as possible.

Temp Meds Temp Meds Temp Meds Temp

ONLY prescription medication will be given to your child. All prescription medication MUST be brought to school by the parent or guardian. Medication must be in the bottle it comes in, a note from the doctor must accompany it, along with the print out from the pharmacy. You will also have to fill out a form in order for the school nurse to administer the medicine. State guidelines require this information before medicine can be given by school personnel. The parent or guardian is welcome to come to school and give the medicine when necessary.

Should I bring my child to school? If your child has a fever or throwing up, please do not bring him/her to school. This will help us prevent the spread of sickness. Kindergarten students are prone to catch everything.

Food food Food food Food

Breakfast is served from 7:30 to 7:55 every morning. Students are asked to go to the classroom when they arrive and unpack before going to breakfast. Breakfast is free for all students. Breakfast may not be brought from home. 

Food Drinks Food Drinks Food

Lunch costs $2.50. Reduced lunch costs 40 cents. Free lunches are available to those who qualify. Money can be deposited into your child’s account instead of sending money each day. (This money may be used for breakfast and/or lunch only. Please label your child’s money with his/her name, teacher, and what it is for. This is very important, as we cannot take a child’s word on what money is for, it will be sent back home if it does not come to school labeled. Thanks for understanding us in this matter.Snack money must be sent separately.) Lunch may be brought from home. Please make sure your child’s name is on his/her lunch box.



ice cream

Snack will be bought each morning. Please send money depending on what your child wishes to buy. (.50 cents for water or Capri Sun & .50 cents for a snack) Snacks and drinks can be brought from home. (No carbonated drinks, please) Due to safety reasons, do not use glass containers. If you send a snack from home please make sure your child’s name is on it. Correct change will help your child and me and is appreciated, if possible.

Please send all money in separate, individual holders labeled breakfast, snack, and lunch. Plastic baggies or envelopes work great. Thanks for your help with this matter. We cannot take a child’s word on what the money is for.

Birthday   party   Birthday

Your child’s birthday is very important to him/her and we would love to help celebrate this special occasion with him/her. Your child may bring a special snack for the class to help celebrate his/her birthday. The Health Department prohibits homemade treats. Therefore, please make sure you send something store bought. Make sure you send enough for everyone in the class to help celebrate.

read   read   read


Please enter the school through the front entrance. All visitors are required to check in and sign out in the school office where you will pick up a visitors badge. These rules are in place for the safety of the children and faculty.




There will be a county-wide conference day scheduled usually in late September. However, if at any time during the year you shall feel a need for a conference please contact me to schedule one to discuss what issues or concerns you have. If I feel like a conference is needed I will send a note home requesting one.

folder Homework folder



Written homework assignments will not be assigned. However, your child should begin developing their study skills this school year. A weekly list of skills is sent home. We test on these skills on Friday. We thoroughly cover these skills each day of the week, but studying at home will ensure that your child is adequately prepared for their tests. Graded tests are sent home each Tuesday. 

Completed classwork is sent home each day in your child' OWL Binder. 
A daily conduct report will be sent home in the OWL Binder. Please look at it daily and praise you child for his/her behavior or help direct them in the right direction if needed. Initial it every Friday and leave it in the OWL Binder. The conduct report will last for one weel and then you child will receive a new one. I will keep all the old conduct reports on file.

Star Students

Please look at the link called classroom rules. Discuss these rules with your child and help them understand that there are consequences for rules that are broken. Other school rules and regulations are discussed in the student handbook and code of conduct. These rules apply to everyone.

Report Cards



Report cards and tests will be sent home in a folder that we will use all year. The folder will be added to your child’s binder when it is report card time. Please make sure you sign your child’s report card, skill sheets, etc… anything that is in the folder and return all of the things in the folder to school the next day. Please be very careful with the folder we are going to use it the whole school year, so you will have a record of your child progress at the end of the school year.
bookworm book bookworm


Please let me know in writing if there are any changes in the following:

· Phone number (home or cell)

· Address

· The way your child will get home