5th grade expectations

5th Grade Expectations

During fifth grade, students will have many opportunities to expand their knowledge both inside and outside of the classroom. Much like any other grade, the content taught in fifth grade will be of greater depth than the previous year. It is expected that each student come to school each day ready to work as there are no "off days" in fifth grade. Each day that your student enters the classroom, they will be required to participate and engage in: Grammar, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Students must be prepared to work hard for the entire class day. Fifth grade can be challenging as there is so much to do. Students are encouraged to keep their binders organized at all times. Students will have homework this year, although I try to send as little home as possible. To ensure that students develop and maintain Reading comprehension skills, it is HIGHLY encouraged that each student read a minimum of thirty minutes per day at home. Math will center around student knowledge of multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and place value all year and in years to follow. Please have students work on their multiplication facts as often as you can. Absenteeism is one of the leading causes of academic failure. Please bring your student to school everyday. We can't teach them if they are not here!