OWL Binder

OWL Binder
What is an OWL Binder?It is a 3 ring hard plastic binder with a clear cover that will be used to help make parent/teacher communication easier for you and your child.
The following sections will be in the OWL binder:
Important notes from school:This will be the front inside pocket of the notebook and will include special notes from the teacher or the office.

Finished Work Folder:This is a plastic folder that you should check daily. The work that your child does in class will be kept in this folder and will give you a great idea of your child's progress.

Weekly Homework:This section is in a plastic sleeve. I will send home a weekly newsletter with that contains information that the children will be tested on each night. There will be no written homework assignments given, but mastering study skills is an important part of being a successful student.

Communication Log:Your child's behavior/communication log will be in this section. The children will mark the log daily and will receive a new chart each Monday. The logs need to be sent back to school daily. I will keep these at school in your child's portfolio.

Do's and Don'ts with the OWL BINDER.
take care of the book
use all year
take home every night & bring back the next day
go through the book every night
(check for notes from the teacher or office)
homework & check conduct reports
leave the book at home
get it dirty (eat or drink around the book)
put extra stuff in
allow someone to borrow
take things out (let your parents do this)

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