Classroom Rules






An important part of adapting to school is learning how to work with and respect others. Respecting others is the main focus of our classroom rules. We will strive to learn to respect our classmates, the teacher and other staff members at school, and most importantly ourselves.

We begin the year with these rules:

1. Always be kind and respect others.

2. Follow directions given by the teacher.

3. Shhh! Use quiet voices.

4. Always try your very best.



We will keep track of our behavior on weekly conduct charts. These charts will be found in our B.E.E books and will be sent home daily. Each child who has followed the classroom rules for the day will receive a smiley face.
Rewards can be given at any time during the day, any day of the week! Common rewards include stickers, stamps, treasure chest prizes, getting to be a special helper, or getting to complete a special activity. Remember to check your child's conduct chart nightly, because this is one of the ways that they will get to show you that they have been exemplary students that day.
Consequences for failing to follow the classroom rules can include missing out on a special activity or a time out. Typically most behavior problems can be solved in the classroom, but if a student intentionally causes harm to themselves or another student a disciplinary form will have to be filed with the principal. Parents will be informed through a letter or phone call if there has been a repeated or severe behavior problem throughout the day.

Please talk to your child about these rules and continue to talk with them about the rules throughout the school year. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please come to me. Together we will make this year one of the best ever!