Since so much of our work is done orally or with manipulatives (blocks, counters, whiteboards, etc...) I usually will help your child catch up their school work when they return to school. However, if your child is going to be absent for an extended period of time it will benefit your child if you are able to review skills covered in class at home.


Step 1: If you see that your child is going to miss several days of school please contact me or the school and let us know.

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Step 2: Please check the weekly newsletter sent home on Monday to see what skills we are covering in class. This covers the skills that we will cover in class that week.

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Step 3: I will prepare a packet of written work for your child. This will include any worksheets that we have done in class plus any extra practice that I feel will help your child be better prepared for their return to school. I can send this to you via e-mail, through an older sibling or you may pick it up at school. All assessments will be made up at school.


Step 4: Rest up and get well soon! Most of all I care about your child's well-being. If your child is physically unable to complete any make-up work I will not penalize them for this. We will complete it at school together.


Step 5: Upon return to school please send in a written excuse from you or the doctor for the days your child was absent.


Remember: Your child must be without a fever for 24 hours (without the use of medication) before they return to school. If your child has a fever or is vomiting please keep them at home.


Check here for updates on H1N1 flu plus tips to help you with flu prevention.

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