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`   All spelling work will be done in class.
     Monday - Spelling words and Reading vocabulary words for that week will go home
     Tuesday and Wednesday - Study for test on Thursday.
     Thursday - Test

Read for 15 minutes each night.
Study vocabulary word definitions.
Homework will only be unfinished classwork from either the text book or the Student Practice book.
Review multiplication and division facts nightly.
Study vocabulary definitions as they are given. 
Weekly test dates will be sent home on weekly conduct sheet.

Social Studies (Alabama History) and Science:
 All work is done in class. If there is any classwork that the student doesn't complete, he/she will need to finish it for homework. 
Study vocabulary definitions as they are given.

Weekly papers and conduct sheet will go home on Tuesday. Please sign conduct slip and return all papers and conduct slip to school on Wednesday. 
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